QNet Multi Level Marketing Scam Busted

I have written this Note far before in 2012 Now #Qnet #MultiLevelMarketingScam is Busted. Read More How it works.

[In Nutshell] I was thinking to write for itshacked.com and I got a good topic.

He started saying that my business (sucks) Traditional business!! LoL..

So i met someone in good coffee shop.. So we sat in Starbucks and he talked about ( Questnet ) .. he said well you’ll pay like 600 $ at least for useless goods like ( a necklace made of the cheapest brands of glass hanged by a rope ) which is guaranteed to inforce your inner powers .. and another ( glass plate ) that will detox the drinking water once you drop it on your cup..

i said : ” excuse me.. talking to a me here …”

he then said ” ok there are other stuff you can buy … some gold and jewellery or some swiss wrist watches you have to give business to that Questnet”

He was expecting me to trust the company that sells a 50 cent – good for nothing – necklace for 600$ to the extent that i will buy Golden stuff from ??? “

he said : ” ok , never mind what you’re buying , you’re paying like 600$ just for the opportunity of doubling or even tripling that number in the future “

” you’ll pay 600$ and buy ( whatever you ‘ll buy ) and at the same time you’re becoming an ( I.R. ) of the company Questnet .. then you start getting peeps to join this company ( scam ) under your ( I.R. ) account .. and whenever you get 6 persons to join the company you’ll get a 250 $ cheque … and wheel goes round and round “

1- this is a pyramidal scheme Fraud ( clear as hell ) ..but What is a Pyramid Scheme/Multi-Level Marketing? …. well see what Jean Murray from ( home biz notes said about it http://www.homebiznotes.com/)

According to the Securities and Exchange Commission, in a pyramid scheme individuals are encouraged to make money by selling others on the scheme. The person who recruited you gets money when you recruit others, and on up the line.

You get commissions based on what the people “downline” from you sell or who they recruit. In most cases, there is some kind of product, just to make the whole thing look legitimate. The problem is that the pyramid gets too big to sustain and collapse.


1: Investment Required.

You are required to put up an initial amount to “invest” in the business. In a legit business, the sales people don’t have to invest; they just have to sell.

2: Emphasis on Recruiting, not Products.

The emphasis is less on selling the products than on recruiting others to sell. In a pyramid scheme, you are told that your success depends on getting other people to sign on. You get a commission based on signing up other “downline” people. And the person “upline” from you got a commission from recruiting you.

3: Spending to Learn to Sell.

These companies love to have big sales meetings (that you pay to attend), where they hype you up and get you to buy lots of books and products to teach you how to sell. In a legitimate business, the company pays to train its sales people.

4: Market Saturation, value of product

Who actually needs this product? If you sold the product, how long would it take before you saturated the market? do you pay 600$ for a 50 cent necklace ?

5: Fool-Proof System.

There are NO GUARANTEES in life. Sorry. Anyone who tries to get you to sign up for a sales scheme and who says, “I guarantee you’ll make lots of money,” is lying. In most cases, they are more subtle about making promises, but you get a lot of hype and a lot of expectation.

Pyramid schemes are based on simple mathematics: many losers pay a few winners. A nine-level pyramid, which is built when each participant gets six “friends” to join, would involve over ten million people!











the fact that questnet sells products doesn’t mean that it’s not a fraud ( which is another claim by the questnet guys )

why ?

because there are Product-based pyramid schemes where participating persons not only contribute money to a person identified at the top of the pyramid but also are encouraged to sell a product associated with the person at the top of the scheme. These product based pyramid schemes are often disguised as “business opportunities.” Product-based schemes are harder to detect.

The detection and evaluation of these schemes can be a complex process.

Persons wanting to learn more about product-based schemes are encouraged to access web site http://www.pyramidschemealert.org/.

some FACTS about pyramidal scheme companies ( like questnet ) :

1- It looks too good to be true! (Because it isn’t true.)

2- How could it promise these huge incomes? (It only makes promises. It does not deliver on them.)

3-Where does the money come from? (From you and all the other new recruits , the newer ones pay the seniors !)

4- 99% of involved people end up losing all or some of their investments

5- these companies carry their death certificate within their own structure .. they’re gonna die sooner or later . because they pay you from the money they collect from newer ones , so at a time when no more people joins the company it will simply die .. making 1% I.R.s very rich and making 99% robbed .

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