Alert Your Privacy is being Sold to and many others.

Alert Your Privacy is being Sold to and many others.

Alert Your Privacy is being Sold to and many others.

Dear Friends I am back with Hot topic where I will let you know how your privacy is being used by third party Agents. How it is leaked and used to promote websites and contents which you do not want to use or you will get harmed financially or socially.

Recently I got message of a company known as to my mobile saying that Sign-Up successful on their payment gateway. They also sent me email saying sign-up successful and activate your account.

Now I never signed up with them and Not even gave my personal mobile number or other names to them so I wonder how they got my details?

Here we go with actual analysis of that.

Violation 1: I used few android Apps for food ordering and buying goods online, So either their database is stolen by employees working with such companies or companies are selling your information to third parties.

Violation 2: They violated their own privacy policy.

Privacy violation is crime in United States and this comes under Violation of privacy in a Class D criminal offence.

In India under it comes under section 420 IPC (cheating) and Section 66 of IT Act (hacking).

I got information from my business practices that price of single contact with mobile number is 250 to 700 INR in the market.

Do not Ignore such offences and defend your privacy

Some Quick Actions Must Be Taken:

Immediately report such crime to your email hosting company

For Gmail :

For Yahoo :

For your safety always do business with company where privacy policies are strict and those who have no spam policy.

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