Trojan (xyz) Vundo Removal

Trojan (xyz) Vundo Removal

Trojan (xyz) Vundo Removal

Vundo  is from the Virtumonde family of viruses.  For all most all of 2009 Vundo infections have been an the decline from the previous year.  When a user is infected with Vundo they will most likely notice a few of the following

  • Advertisment pop-ups even with pop-up blockers on
  • Their computer has reduced in speed greatly
  • Fake Antivirus client installed on the system.  This is known as Smitfraud
  • Several other Trojans and viruses installed on the system

In every single infection of Vundo that I have come across in the last 4 years you will not just be infected with the Vundo threat but several others viruses.

What makes Vundo so hard to remove is it’s unique to almost every computer.  With up to hundred’s of files all uniquely named for just that install.  We used to list guides and step by step instructions but those tricks no longer work.  You will need to use a antivirus client that has a Heuristic scanner and can detect all the unique files by the way they run on your computer.

Here is a quick trick to remove Trojan Vundo from you system without paying a cent.

Download Free malware cleaner SmitfraudFix

scan and kill vundo in safe mode. remember to disconnect internet before starting killing process.

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