5 simple privacy settings that every user should activate on Facebook

5 simple privacy settings that every user should activate on Facebook

5 simple privacy settings that every user should activate on Facebook

Increasing popularity is increasing risk of privacy expose on Internet world.. Technically Internet is not limited with your family and friends. your packets gets routed from multiple routers to multiple destinations.

As a general user we do not give importance to privacy policies or terms of services of the website where we are going to enroll. And its very frustrating when misuse of your information happens.

To protect your privacy online you must remember 5 basic principles and from that 5 principles make 5 simple settings on Facebook, Here we go..

Principle 1 : Do not add strangers, Do not reply to strangers or Do not disclose your personal information to strangers.

There are different type of people on cyber space. They may harm you at different level.. Hackers can hack your personal data, Computers or they may hijack your computer to make controlled attack of third person without your permission. Bad people may use your personal details for making fun of you, editing your pictures and making them vulgar and it may potentially harm your mental situation and some people may use their mind power and tricks to get control on your mind to complete their personal needs. So the first important and basic thing is stay away from unknown people. Let them subscribe you and read your public status updates.

Settings 1 :

a. To keep your information safe from strangers open account on facebook with your social media email address. eg : abhijeet.onfb@gmail.com this will keep your parent email address away from spams and unwanted service level alerts from different social networking websites.

b. Create different user lists to handle your information effectively. Like ‘close friends’, ‘old friends’, ‘net friends’ and share your status according to the lists..

eg : “I am going to my grandma’s House” status can be shared with your close friends which are your day to day real world friends and you can trust on them completely. This habit makes your more safe on net.

c. Postings according to group also makes your social life more interesting and entertaining to your friends, Suppose I placed some technical things programs or scripts by limiting it to only my programmer friends will apparently reduce spams for my non programmer friends.

Principle 2 Do not subscribe to unwanted Facebook applications.

Facebook applications comes under ‘extra services’ category of  Facebook which are created by third parties to make Facebook as well as their own website more interesting and popular. It also helps developers to use their programming skills and make some good and useful applications. And this is the place where maximum privacy violation occurs. When you subscribe to any application the application asks you to share your personal information with them, They may save this information for their further use. or may be for some evil use ofcourse.

Settings 2 : There are no such settings just keep a rule in your mind do not use untrusted applications.

Principle 3 : Keep your wall close (i.e Only you can post on your wall)

This is very important principle because you must know what your friends can do with your wall or what hijacked friends profile can do with your wall. Friends may post personal information of you on your wall which can be accessed by all of your friends keeping aside lists rule we discussed in principle 1 above. Also your friends profile may be hijacked by spam bots because of their unawareness of privacy importance and they may post links to adult vulgar videos or potentially violent videos on your wall which can be easily accessed by your family and friends.

Settings 3 : Go to privacy settings by clicking on the down arrow at the left most cornor of the screen and then choose custom settings





  and first of all limit default wall view.. It will show unexpected posts or tags or comments (which are rarely privatized) to only your close friends and they can inform you about unexpected posts on your wall even when you stay out of Facebook.




Then just bellow custom settings you can see Option neame “How you connect” click on edit and choose who can post on your wall/timeline as only me.





Principle 4 : Control your tags

Getting tagged  into images is biggest threat of your privacy exposure. Because when your friends tags photo of you it is visible to all of their friends, friends of friends and also to your friends without considering lists principle explained above. This is how we can control this.

Settings 4: Just bellow “How you connect” settings above you can see settings named “How tags work” press edit and select “Maximum Timeline Visibility” to custom level and then select “only me” or “close friends”.


After doing this Facebook will give you option to review tags before publishing to your wall/timeline and you can even change visibility of the tagged image as per lists which we have discussed above.





Principle 5 : Do not click on recommended links if link appears s auto posted.

Observation at personal level makes you more safe and secure on Internet. Observe the links placed on your friends wall or links recommended via chat or messages. Look at the nature of the link.. If the link is vulgar do not click it. Even there are some more basic tricks to find automated links like looking at the website URL.

fghcvndfhf.blogspot.com in our example looks like auto generated because no one can create his/her blog with such random automated letters. 

Next check the description and recall the interest of your friend and previous talks with him/her and find it that content posted on his/her wall is unexpected.

Immediately report this post as spam/hacked/hijacked to Facebook by clicking on [X] at the left cornor of the post and inform your friend.

Stay safe and secure and private too because social media is the best tool to communicate with people even after you do not get time with them in your real world.

Thanks for reading feel free to comment or ask questions if you found this article helpful. 🙂

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