Quick guide to purchase wireless USB modem as per your internet using habit

Quick guide to purchase wireless USB modem as per your internet using habit

Quick guide to purchase wireless USB modem as per your internet using habit

Hello Again. This time I am with a very short quick and important tutorial which will guide you to purchase a good, cheap and more functional USB wireless modem.

Now 3G services are launched in almost all states of India and according to this  old names of USB modems are also updated to their new names like Reliance NetConnect becomes Reliance NetConnect Broadband +, Tata Photon Becomes Tata Photon + etc.. But leaving behind the way of these companies advertise their product you must choose a device according to availability of signals in your area. The important thing that you must remember is that these companies promises you high speed Internet connection but on other hand they also do not forget to include a line in their terms of services as “In Limited Area”.

Now the scenario is the USB modem device is a portable device and you have to carry it along with you wherever you go, Probably you have to take it to remote area i.e out of city. But when you carry these devices to remote area these devices automatically switch on GPRS (EDGE) or CDMA Internet services and your speed will become 2Kbps to 40Kbps depends upon ISP capabilities, signal strength and Internet services as per gateway traffic.

Speaking more in favor of these companies you may get speed of 3G services as per availability of UMTS network by the ISP (Internet Service Provider).

Traditionally CDMA services gives you more speed in remote areas as compare to GSM  services But according to my study some companies like IDEA is capable to provide good services although they use GPRS in remote area.

IDEA NetSetter comes with plug and play functionality and some more considerable features are.


  • GSM/GPRS/EDGE 850 MHz/900 MHz/1800 MHz/1900 MHz
  • Global roaming
  • GRPS/EDGE Class1~Class12
  • Data and SMS capabilities.
  • SMS services (group sending and editing the extra-long messages)
  • Plug & Play function, Zero CD installation
  • SIM-lock function

Also idea is providing good services for their mobile internet users too. According to me IDEA is a leading wireless Internet service provider in India. And I found that 3G coverage of IDEA is even more than other GSM companies. So definately they will provide you a good service.

Now let us look these services technically, Technically speaking all companies do not provide you static IP address when you use HotSpot Internet ( Wireless/WiFi Internet). They give you services based on dynamic IP address assignment technology.

The main difference between static and dynamic IP address is that when you connect to the Internet each time your IP address changes. These companies use principle of re-usability. In which the IP address assigned to you may have already used by another customer before. Also when you disconnect from the Internet same IP address might be assigned to another user in queue. So here question of Internet security arises .Please refer my another HotSpot Security related article for more details.

Now look at your Internet using habit and choose USB device accordingly. i.e If you have habit of downloading contents from on line file hosting services like Rapidshare, Megaupload, Zshare, Filesonic etc so dynamic IP addresses may not work each time. Because IP address assigned by you may already have downloaded contents from such sites before getting it assigned to you and free downloading limit may already have exceeded. In such case you may see error “Download Limit Exceed for Your IP Address” on such file hosting sites. In such case you can continue with downloading only after purchasing premium accounts of them.

No let us take a look on BSNL USB stick/E-stick services. No doubt BSNL will also give you random dynamic IP address. I said Random it means they can assign same IP address to one or more customers at a same time  which is more frustrating if you have habit of downloading files from file hosting sites, This time you may get error “Your IP address is already downloading files from our network only 2 parallel downloads are available for free users”. So batter if you go with IDEA, TATA or Reliance.

Finally I recommend you BSNL if you want nothing to do with IP addresses. you can still download torrents or direct downloads using BSNL 3G services. According to me BSNL is a best in class because of Wide Coverage Area

BSNL 3G is available in almost every town and your speed will never be compromised.

Some more important functions of BSNL USB stick are.

Plug and Play
Enhanced Signal Strength with Receive Diversity (Rx)
Downlink 7.2Mbps – Uplink – 384kbps
Large Storage: Supports upto 32GB microSD card
International Roaming* : Gives 3G Broadband speeds when you travel abroad
USB 2.0 High Speed : Rated 40 times faster than its predecessor interface, USB 1.1
Single Click access to Facebook™, YouTube™ & Gmail™
Watch your favourite TV Channel on the move with Mobile TV
Enjoy HD Gaming on the go
View & download your favourite videos on the go.
One touch access to multiple Email & Social Networking Sites
Warranty – 1 Year

Again I recommend that you must check availability of signal strength of both (UMTS/GSM) networks before purchasing any USB modem.

Note: Article is written by conducting some basic studies of ISP’s in Maharashtra and Goa state only.

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