Getting Error while paying online with credit card or HDFC Netsafe Card or Debit Card ?

Getting Error while paying online with credit card or HDFC Netsafe Card or Debit Card ?

Getting Error while paying online with credit card or HDFC Netsafe Card or Debit Card ?

After viewing online forums and discussion boards I found that many Indian users are facing problems while paying on internet via VCC or Netsafe cards or Visa Credit Card. Here is the solution for you if you are facing the same problem.

After mining into documentations and demos I found that why from 12th of May 2011 Netsafe Visa virtual card stopped working. Initially I tried customer service but people sitting over there are dumb and not found appropriate solution.

Your Visa Netsafe virtual card or Debit card is not working because visa started new payer and buyer authentication system called as “Verified By Visa” (VBV) according to this every bank in India updated their services and added vbv password field for every online transaction and VBV window will open in iFrame on the merchants website. Many American firms are not yet adapted their systems and you may see error to pay to them. In such case you may use your friends master card to generate Virtual Credit Card (vcc) in case of emergency payments.

Now let us check how to pay to the merchant via new verified by visa system.


Step 1:

Go to merchants website and fill-up all details same as what you are doing until today. and go to checkout / payment page.

Step 2 :

After filling your credit card or debit card details go to next page by clicking on Buy or Pay or Submit and then enter your vbv password. If you are using this service first time then you will see option for creating new VbV password. For HDFC netsafe users vbv password is your netsafe password.

After entering a correct password your secure payment will be successful. Enjoy !!

Note:  You can pay to any “Verified By Visa” merchant worldwide by using your visa debit card so there is no need to create Virtual Credit Card or Netsafe card.

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