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Bypassing PHP security (addslashes) while SQL injection attacks is possible

Hello Again, Here I completed this article.. I apologize because I took bit more time to complete this after announcing. As I said

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Changing owner and group permissions via SSH or Terminal or Putty.

This is a very simple and most useful tutorial about changing user and group permissions of folders and files or entire folder recursively. When you

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Complete Ubuntu Configuration with sudo + inst + gcc + ip tool + locate database + Apache Web Server and PHP +Gnome 2.x + xWindow

I am a fan of CentOS for web server and Ubuntu for desktop. Ubuntu comes with many updated distributions like PinguyOS, Mint, Ultimate Edition and many  more.. but for your

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How to install PHP + MySQL + phpMyAdmin on Linux, Ubuntu or Fedora Web Server.

Lets start with most popular and widely used Linux distribution Ubuntu. First of all lets understand what is LAMP. LAMP is an acronym for a solution stack of free, open

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wireless is disabled by hardware switch broadcom wlan drivers ubuntu, fedora, openSUES

Installed new Ubuntu / Pinguy os and not able to use wireless / wlan ? Here is the fix. This problem is well known and seen many times

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Complete FFMPEG + FLVtool2 + mplayer + a52 + FADD2 + FAAC + LAME + YASM + x264 + Xvid + Opencore AMR + installation on Cent os 5.x and Red Hat

I hope this tutorial will help to those who are struggling to figure out how to get FFMPEG to install and to have it work with as many input video

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Stored procedures are also vulnerable for SQL injection attacks > P2

Previously we saw how stored procedures are also vulnerable for SQL injection attacks. Now lets see how to avoid such attacks. An SQL-Injection Attack (SQLIA) is a subset

Facebook hires the famous Hacker GeoHot

In an interesting move from Facebook, the famous Hacker IOS and the PS3, known as GeoHot was hired by Facebook to join the group of developers of this network. Apparently