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understanding character encoding utf-8 us-ascii or ISO-8859-1

If you have added the DOCTYPE Declaration to your web pages but still can’t get the validator to work (the validator responds with “No Character Encoding Found! Falling back to

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use of Python in hacking

Today python scripting is very vwidely used and loved by hackers. Lets see why python is so popular and lets learn beauty of python. This page is not about

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Xss Phishing

Here have constant reporting for phishing so tried to get a cool hack for you guys, as these hacks are becoming more and more

LulzSec tweets hacking reign over

After a whirlwind run of headline-grabbing hacking exploits that involved the likes of Sony, the CIA, the U.S. Senate, and FBI partner Infragard, hacking

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PHP – Send emails correctly to keep spam filters away

Ok, so you’ve set up a nice mail form on your remotely hosted PHP site, but every time you send an email to someone through it, it seems to get

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Run Windows Applications / Softwares on Linux (Ubuntu / Fedora / openSUES))

You can run many windows programs from Linux native using Wine or one of the many virtualization tools such as VMWare. Free Tool for running

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PHP function to check valid e-mail address

Are you wondering that email addresses in your database are valid or not? or thinking to sort bulky records from the database or want to check validity/correctness of email address

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How to fix network adapter problems in windows 7

There is an extraordinary feature available in Windows 7. Using this feature, you can become a networking expert, even if you don’t have time or inclination to troubleshoot your Network.