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XSS – Your website is on target

This is not actually an IIS related article, but more a common website security related thing, but I found the topic interesting and thought I might share it anyway. Today

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Trojan (xyz) Vundo Removal

Vundo  is from the Virtumonde family of viruses.  For all most all of 2009 Vundo infections have been an the decline from the previous year.  When a user is infected

Cyber security and India

Cyber security in India has never received its due importance. Cyber security is not about expensive procurements of hardware or software but is a mental state. There is no dearth

90% of Indian websites are vulnerable !

Independent Information Technology companies had repeatedly warned the government about the vulnerability of its websites, but their advice was not heeded. “We at the National Anti-Hacking Group had been warning

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Are you safe ?

In today’s world, the internet is considered to be one of the most useful tools for people to communicate, find information and to buy goods and services. It is also

Site will launch on 1th January 2011

This web site is going to offer you various tips and techniques on security, including both starting and advanced tips covering a wide range of security topics – personal, home,