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Parental Control : How to Block Unwanted Site, Porn Sites, Social Networking Sites Quickly on Windows

You can redirect or block one or more web sites using the HOSTS file in Windows (and other operating systems). The HOSTS file is located in the folder %windir%\System32\drivers\etc in

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Avoid Becoming Spams : Keep Spam Filters Away

The number one reason why email newsletters don’t get delivered is because they are blocked by spam filters. How do spam filters work? “Spam filters are like bingo cards. The

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Backup MySQL database via SSH without PhpMyAdmin

I am a PhpMyAdmin fan but one day when I need a quick backup my PhpMyAdmin failed to load and I wondered how do I backup my database which was

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Hacking Secrets unvieled with Ettercap Hacking

I am really sorry for posting tutorials after so many days.. Here I am with brand new hacking secret which I enjoy many times with ettercap.. A URL sniffer for

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Quick guide to purchase wireless USB modem as per your internet using habit

Hello Again. This time I am with a very short quick and important tutorial which will guide you to purchase a good, cheap and more functional USB wireless modem. Now

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Bypassing PHP security (mysql_escape_string) while SQL injection attacks is possible

Hello Again, In previous tutorial we saw how hackers can bypass PHP authentication by using simple tricks. In fact hacking is a game of tricks. The more you play more

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Bypassing PHP security (addslashes) while SQL injection attacks is possible

Hello Again, Here I completed this article.. I apologize because I took bit more time to complete this after announcing. As I said

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Changing owner and group permissions via SSH or Terminal or Putty.

This is a very simple and most useful tutorial about changing user and group permissions of folders and files or entire folder recursively. When you

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wireless is disabled by hardware switch broadcom wlan drivers ubuntu, fedora, openSUES

Installed new Ubuntu / Pinguy os and not able to use wireless / wlan ? Here is the fix. This problem is well known and seen many times

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understanding character encoding utf-8 us-ascii or ISO-8859-1

If you have added the DOCTYPE Declaration to your web pages but still can’t get the validator to work (the validator responds with “No Character Encoding Found! Falling back to

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