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No, #Anonymous can’t DDoS the root DNS servers

#Anonymous hackers have announced “Operation Global Blackout“, promising to cause an Internet-wide blackout by disabling the core DNS servers. DNS is the phonebook of the Internet that translates

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Bypassing PHP security (mysql_escape_string) while SQL injection attacks is possible

Hello Again, In previous tutorial we saw how hackers can bypass PHP authentication by using simple tricks. In fact hacking is a game of tricks. The more you play more

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Stored procedures are also vulnerable for SQL injection attacks > P2

Previously we saw how stored procedures are also vulnerable for SQL injection attacks. Now lets see how to avoid such attacks. An SQL-Injection Attack (SQLIA) is a subset

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Stored procedures are also vulnerable for SQL injection attacks

You know inline SQL coding is a great security risk that’s why advanced web developers prefer SQL stored procedures but think again before using it.. Is it secure ?

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Keyloggers biggest threat to your online work

If you are a website administrator or you are using online banking such as credit card or debit card payments then this article is for you. You know there are

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PHP Function to prevent cross site scripting (XSS) attacks

I found in many supporting forums and discussions that newbies in PHP usually do not know what are XSS attacks and what they can do  to prevent. Suppose you have

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PHP Hide URL save Bandwidth Prevent Hotlinking

What is Hotlinking? Hotlinking is when another website links directly to one or more of your images or multimedia files and includes it on their web page. Not only is

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XSS – Your website is on target

This is not actually an IIS related article, but more a common website security related thing, but I found the topic interesting and thought I might share it anyway. Today