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how to write a Clean and Effective PHP Code.

Any code when written in a clean, easy to understand and formatted way is readily accepted and acclaimed by one and all. It is essential that the codes we write

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Security Check with PHP isset Function

Are you validating users input with PHP isset ?. Remember using isset is very important and its the first security step of form validation. But isset is used on

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Bypassing PHP security (addslashes) while SQL injection attacks is possible

Hello Again, Here I completed this article.. I apologize because I took bit more time to complete this after announcing. As I said

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PHP – Send emails correctly to keep spam filters away

Ok, so you’ve set up a nice mail form on your remotely hosted PHP site, but every time you send an email to someone through it, it seems to get

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PHP function to check valid e-mail address

Are you wondering that email addresses in your database are valid or not? or thinking to sort bulky records from the database or want to check validity/correctness of email address

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PHP integration of Cookies : Where security matters

Would you like to interact with users browser as a developer? cookies stores paths, temporary login details or tracking

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how to display the title of page in that pages specific URL/link?

Question to me : Hi, I’m new to PHP and I took on the challenge to build a simple