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Alert Your Privacy is being Sold to and many others.

Dear Friends I am back with Hot topic where I will let you know how your privacy is being used by third party Agents. How it is leaked and used

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Parental Control : How to Block Unwanted Site, Porn Sites, Social Networking Sites Quickly on Windows

You can redirect or block one or more web sites using the HOSTS file in Windows (and other operating systems). The HOSTS file is located in the folder %windir%\System32\drivers\etc in

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5 simple privacy settings that every user should activate on Facebook

Increasing popularity is increasing risk of privacy expose on Internet world.. Technically Internet is not limited with your family and friends. your packets gets routed from multiple routers to multiple

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Stay Safe in Cyber Cafe

Some ways to protect your identity and your data on a public terminal Public computers, like those found in cyber cafés, hold two types of risks. First, you don’t know what

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How to protect your Identity when using Hot Spots (Public Networks)

There are a lot of Wi-Fi hot spots in the world over. With the production of mobile devices that are Wi-Fi capable, more and more establishments are offering Wi-Fi capabilities

Red Corner Notice : FBController allows for hijacking of Facebook accounts

A computer security enthusiast in India has released a tool designed to allow people to take complete control of strangers’ Facebook accounts if they can get hold

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How to set a secure password ?

Creating a good and easy to remember password is a real headache and also we know that setting easy password is a security risk. Sometime for us it is difficult

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PHP integration of Cookies : Where security matters

Would you like to interact with users browser as a developer? cookies stores paths, temporary login details or tracking

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What is a phishing and how to stay away from phishing scams

If you search on internet what is phishing Wikipedia may define it as “phishing is the criminally fraudulent process of attempting to acquire sensitive information such as user names, passwords

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Keyloggers biggest threat to your online work

If you are a website administrator or you are using online banking such as credit card or debit card payments then this article is for you. You know there are

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