Getting Error while paying online with credit card or HDFC Netsafe Card or Debit Card ?

Getting Error while paying online with credit card or HDFC Netsafe Card or Debit Card ?

Getting Error while paying online with credit card or HDFC Netsafe Card or Debit Card ?

After viewing online forums and discussion boards I found that many Indian users are facing problems while paying on internet via VCC or Netsafe cards or Visa Credit Card. Here is the solution for you if you are facing the same problem.

After mining into documentations and demos I found that why from 12th of May 2011 Netsafe Visa virtual card stopped working. Initially I tried customer service but people sitting over there are dumb and not found appropriate solution.

Your Visa Netsafe virtual card or Debit card is not working because visa started new payer and buyer authentication system called as “Verified By Visa” (VBV) according to this every bank in India updated their services and added vbv password field for every online transaction and VBV window will open in iFrame on the merchants website. Many American firms are not yet adapted their systems and you may see error to pay to them. In such case you may use your friends master card to generate Virtual Credit Card (vcc) in case of emergency payments.

Now let us check how to pay to the merchant via new verified by visa system.


Step 1:

Go to merchants website and fill-up all details same as what you are doing until today. and go to checkout / payment page.

Step 2 :

After filling your credit card or debit card details go to next page by clicking on Buy or Pay or Submit and then enter your vbv password. If you are using this service first time then you will see option for creating new VbV password. For HDFC netsafe users vbv password is your netsafe password.

After entering a correct password your secure payment will be successful. Enjoy !!

Note:¬† You can pay to any “Verified By Visa” merchant worldwide by using your visa debit card so there is no need to create Virtual Credit Card or Netsafe card.

Feel free to comment or ask question if this article is helpful for you ūüôā

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  • sam

    hey !! thanks for sharing this valuable information….is it possible to pay to paypal by using hdfcnet safe…i have been trying to pay but it say my card has been declined…please help…much appriciate it.

    thanks in advance.

    • Anonymous

      ¬†As I mentioned in my post many US based payment gateways are not updated their system for verified by visa authentication yet. PayPal is also one of them. So I hope they will start accepting netsafe cards in upcoming days ūüôā

      • sam

        ¬†Paypal accpeted my transcation just 20 days back by using netsafe…but now its not accpting and giving an error message ” your bank declined the card”

        • Anonymous

           Yeah previously they accepted all Netsafe cards when vbv authentication was not required . problems seems from 11th or 12th May 2011.

      • Vishal2342008

        ¬†hi,i am from india.i tried to make a payment attaching my netsafe card worth 5750rs to my paypal account.while paying paypal said “transaction declined by the issuing bank”.so the card was totaly unused but the amount of rs 5750rs is not credited back to my account after 15days.i tried customer care but they are just useless people good for nothing nor do they have any knowledge of the stuff.branch staff is as worse.i had created other cards of 5350rs and 5300rs but same result.payment is blocked.showing status as in use.someone help email is

        • itshacked

          They will refund you back after 30 days if you have created card via credit card and after 3-4 days if via debit card. My Visa netsafe card is working good with paypal. Can you confirm yours is visa or master ?

  • Vaibhav

     hey thanks for the information. the same is happening to me since 11th of may. i tried 4 different net safe cards but all gave different errors. like invalid authentication from bank. card number invalid, declined because of financial grounds etc. So is it DAT net safe card will no longer come in use from now on. i have registered by verified by visa. its is safe  to do online shopping giving Ur actual credit debit card number.  how can netsafe card still be used.

    • sam

       can u please share how to register VBV (verified by visa) ??/

      • Vaibhav

        it is a very simple process. first you go to your bank site. eg for hdfcbank. click on netsafe/verified by visa. a page pops up. click on continue and den a new page opens. click on register.accept the terms. and enter your actual debit/credit card details in it . once you do that a page will open for additional details and security question which you can write and new password which you have to generate . this password will be used everytime you make an online transactions.

        • sam

          ¬†i already did this thing…and this is just to register to create netsafe cards…..just now i was trying to register on http://WWW.VISA.COM but it says my card cannot be registered…i used my actual hdfc debit card number to so.. is there any other way out get to get my VISA card registered and get through paypal??? and normaly the netsafe password is not asked for the transction online..

          • Anonymous

            Do not use Netsafe card for payment. Try using your debit card number directly on merchants website. If they ask vbv password then use netsafe password. No luck for paypal here too.

          • sam

            ¬†ok…that was helpful indeed….thanks !! :)….¬†will try and let u know what happend

    • Anonymous

      Hey, Netsafe cards are still in use. but it seems that HDFC bank has not updated their system for netsafe vbv authentication and that’s why merchants website is rejecting netsafe cards. Hope HDFC bank will update their authentication method in compliance with verified by visa.

      • Vaibhav

         thanks for the info. but in the mean time is is safe to use actual debit/credit cards online .

        • Anonymous

           Yeah using of debit/credit card online with any verified by visa merchant is safe. But you must not share your VbV password with anybody i.e. merchants or bank officials. Only you have to enter password at the time of authentication.

          • sam

            Please tell me how to use my actual debit card for online transaction.


      • Madhav

        No, that’s not the case. Verified by Visa is not a new concept, it has been several months before and the netsafe cards were working fine.

        The problem is only with Visa cards of HDFC bank. Visa cards ( virtual visa cards) of other banks (ICICI, Axis) are working fine.

        • Anonymous

          RBI last year made it compulsory to use additional password for all
          online transactions. Banks provided it’s customers with the system &
          the password. Now I am unsure that whether netsafe cards also need to follow such guideline or not or netsafe is having some technical difficulties. but netsafe cards are working fine to make payments in India so I think the issue is with vbv passwords.. When I asked to bank they replied “we do not have updates yet and will call back you when we receive updates”. I hope HDFC netsafe will start again but not hoping that other banks vcc will be blocked :). On other hand vbv is a old concept but its implementation is mandatory now as per SBI customer care.

    • Sureshalapati001

      hi vibhav i tried to used use netsafe in for depositing but transaction was denied and it is showing the card as used, when i contacted bet365 site they told no transaction was done with that card number so when no transaction is done why net safe card is showing used , so when wll be my money credited back to my account.

      • Anonymous

        Hey, Remember if your card is showing “in use” it means that either site where you are paying is tried to process payments but because of some reason if fails or they may have scheduled payments after few hours because of some technical difficulties, in such case the website may charge you till card validity runs off. If it is showing “closed” it means they charged you.. and if “canceled” it means they rejected payments or you canceled the card.

  • pako

    it sucks man
    everything was working absolutely perfect, but all of a sudden everything stopped working.
    btw is this change global or just for 3rd world countries?

  • Zaital22

    I just purchased  eticket on using hdfc netsafe virtual card. Thats working!! But I am getting error while using netsafe card with and I think that there is some problem with godaddy and paypal OR may be using the old way only so it worked!

    • Anonymous

      Netsafe visa cards are working with almost all Indian websites.

  • Kartik

    Many of the U.S based sites are rejecting Indian Credit/Debit Cards now. I think updating to new Visa structure will take significant time by those sites. 

    • Anonymous

      yeah true! Try to pay to USA with alertpay or as they are verified by visa.

  • T.S

    Hey ITshacked, thanks for this article. I’m having the same problem with Netsafe cards being rejected. I ended up using Entropay , which gives a permanent VCC unlike HDFC’s one-time use Netsafe cards , and it works great too.

    But my question is this, will our Indian Visa debit cards work on international websites that support VBV? Previously , my hdfc visa debit card used to work on indian sites but failed on international websites (the reason I used Netsafe cards on them) . But with Netsafe out of action, will the debit card work on international sites?

    • Anonymous

      There are several payment gateways on internet such as quantum pay ccventure etc. Developers of e-commerce websites usually purchase API (Application Programming Interface) from such website, that means if is using API then site will redirect you to for payment processing or it will open their payment processing page in iFrame. After successful payment will redirect user back to Also such payment gateways are providing services globally that means if international site you are using is using and if they are compatible with vbv then you can use your Indian visa debit card directly on their website. Many payment gateways have already implemented vbv system on their network. ūüôā

      • T.S

        ¬†Ah okay , but it looks like most of the sites don’t use or any thing similar that uses VBV. Guess I’ll stick with my Entropay VCC for the time being.

  • Hdalive

    It doesnt work .paying through paypal is not working either .

  • Hdalive

    Indian websites are accepting payments from VCC Netsafe with no problems ,atleast i can guy games.

    International payments are being rejected.I mailed hdfc support more 10 times with screenshot of error but they keep asking the same thing again & again.

  • Sam

    hello guys !!¬†I am back to ease ur touble lil bit..try using alertpay…its same as paypal and hdfc VCC IS WORKING FINE WITH IT. try it out

  • Guest

    I seems that netsafe cards started working again ?

  • Screamsoflust

    what does this mean :Error: Declined on financial grounds

    • Anonymous

      The type of the credit card, Number series or Issuer Bank is blocked by payment gateways.

  • Freyam

    if anyone wanna buy credit card from indian . person can contact me at and i also sale debit cards.

  • Aniket Srivastava

    Hi ..I am having HDFC Titanium Mastercard …will a Netsafe card created using this will work with US merchants???? ¬†
    TIA.. ūüôā

    • Sam

      Yes Tia it works…if Ur paying through paypal..use guest account for the will b very easy…if u have anyothr quries u can reach me at

      • Veka

        ¬†lol…TIA is Thanks In Advance…not his name.

      • nitin

        sir my name is nitin kardak i have 2 paypal accounts but i cant pay $1 by my credit card to a survey site in foreign country. messege appears that the card u entered is not approved by ur bank or link another credit card no. another msg in my mo. came that ur payment declined due to authentication failed 00000001 like this. what i have to do now. i have 500 rs balance in each bank account pls help me.

        • itshacked

          Hello Nitin,
          Verify from your bank that International Payments are enabled on your mobile or not.

  • Nandkumar Badlani

    The Payment is denied saying due to risk

    • Anonymous

      Risk ? On which payment gateway you received this response ?

  • Aniketsrivastava

    I am trying to buy a product from clickbank through my HDFC Netsafe card(created from Titanium Mastercard Credit Card) but getting error every time
       Here is the error message that I got.

    “There was 1 error on the page:
    ‚ÄĘ Your order was not approved. (2)”.I was buying a product priced ¬†$4.95(approx Rs 230 ) and created Netsafe of limit Rs 1000 still the same error shown so no problem with credit limit I guess.Can any one help??

  • ken

    Netsafe and Entropay are now blocked .I guess from this month . I was able to pay online last month with VCC.

  • Kumar_sen077

    Dear Everyone,I wanted to register into Paypal using HDFC РNet safe, so i created a virtual credit card through Netsafe for an amount of 8300 Rupees. I have then registered in paypal with the virtual credit card that i have created, for verification paypal charged me 100 rupees approximately(actual charge was in dollars)  after that my virtual credit card status was showing as IN USE  and i was unable to use the money (8300) that i have put in my virtual credit card. I was so uncomfortable with this and closed my account in palpal, thinking that the status of my virtual credit card will change back to UNUSED but still the status of is showing as IN USE and charged amount is coming as Zero.      Merchant                           Status   Charged Amount       PAYPAL                            In Use       Rs. 0.00       PP*(4 didit code)CODE     In Use       Rs. 0.00  What does this mean? Has paypal already took money from my virtual credit card? and when will the 8300 rupees will be credited back to my original account from which i have generated the virtual credit card?Someone please help.

    • Anonymous

      Kumar, Credit card status is shown as In Use only when merchant or retailer charges it partially. Do not worry they never charge you more than that and ofcourse they will refund your fees. The status of card will be close/expired when it runs out of the validity date ūüôā

  • Nikhil

    Hi sir,
    ¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬† i want to buy tune up utilities and outpost firewall from the original website.Can you please check those website and tell me,whether i can directly use my debit card to buy them or not.I have UBi debit card but i don’t have any credit card.
    Madhav says virtual visa cards of axis banks are working.Is he taking about ewallet facility of axis bank??
    Can i use this facility to pay to the above two software merchants.
    Please reply me as soon as possible.

    • Anonymous

      Hi Nikhil, I found virtual credit card facility for your bank here .Let me know it worked or not.. ūüôā

      • Nikhil

        dear sir,
                    sorry ,it is not working as it is the internet banking registration details.I have already registered for internet banking.UBI does not have the facility of Virtual credit card.
        Can you please suggest me some other ways.Any other government bank offers virtual credit card facility ??
        Is Axis bank ewallet can be used directly to buy the softwares i stated above.Please tell me as soon as possible.

        • Anonymous

          Hello Nikhil,
          ¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬† If your bank is not providing you a VCC then you have to get credit card of the bank, But I do not recommend use of credit card for Internet shopping as it is risky. If your purchases are limited to these softwares only then you may create VCC from your friends card of any other bank like HDFC, ICICI, Axis or SBI. If your requirement is often I recommend you must switch your bank. SBI is a government bank and they do provoide VCC and VbV services. Also corporate banking of SBI is good. Another alternative is HDFC bank.. I love their customer support but HDFC now a days stopped VbV payments to the merchants or retailers who are opening their payment page in iFrame. VCC of HDFC is quick, fast and hassle free. Hope this information helps you and other readers. ūüôā

          • Nikhil

            Thanks for your reply sir.Can you please provide me any link regarding SBI VCC service.Any other info about that.I am not getting any info about it.If SBI has VCC then i am going to switch to SBI.
            MY friends have accounts in govt. banks not in private banks that’s a major loss for me.
            So i have to opt a private for which one i have to go for :-AXIS BANK,ICICI,HDFC.
            This is my last question so please reply me sir.

          • Anonymous

            You can use to create VCC from SBI ATM card (mestro).. It works.. I don’t know about UBI you cant test that too :).

          • nikhil

            I have heard that is going to detect 20% of the amount that  i am going to pay to the seller,is it true??

          • Anonymous

            Remember, Google is a best friend of you.. Found in 1 search

          • Nikhil

            I know sir,Google is our best friend but there also written that they are going to deduct 4.7% when we load entropay vcc card from our credit or debit card ūüôĀ

            Have you ever used entropay??
            Have they ever deduct any amount from yours??

  • Anish

    hi. I wanted to open an account in HDFC for the purpose of using virtual credit card for international payments.
    Is the issue mentioned in this article fixed yet?

  • Sureshalapati001

    hi vibhav i tried to used use netsafe in for depositing but transaction was denied and it is showing the card as used, when i contacted bet365 site they told no transaction was done with that card number so when no transaction is done why net safe card is showing used , so when wll be my money credited back to my account. please help me

  • Fun Kashyap

    I am trying to use a US bank mastercard credit card in online portal but it keeps erroring out. There is no specific error message provided Рonly generic error. The same card works for physical merchant transactions (swipe). Is there any solution for this? 

    • itshacked

       Hello, Call customer care and get the procedure to enable internet payments. You bank may have disabled on-line payments as a security measure.

  • Rahul

    hi , i m going to open  hdfc saving account to purchase product from us based website so for that i wish to use netsafe directly to purchase from that site ,is it safe ?

    so i just want to ask u that now  can i make payment internationally with netsafe
     if i want to use paypal to send or received payment internationally can i use netsafe
    because now paypal dont accept indian debit card ,so can i verify paypal using netsafe

    i dont have credit card and i m student

    so please reply

    does it worth to open account in hdfc because it cost too much compare to others

    • itshacked

       you can use netsafe for international purchases. Its Safe. HDFC is costly as compare to other banks :). Yeah PayPal accepts netsafe cards.

  • Benujacob

    Does Axis Bank E-Wallet Card is working now for international gateway?

  • Dreamfan007

    i have a capital one visa us issued credit card ive been using for years.recently ive tried to buy music from 2 international online companies. it doesnt work with either.iget unknown processor error with one and payment failure with the other.called visa. they never recieved request for payment from either company.all info i input is correct on both sites. what is happening.ive tried so many times and customer service is vague and takes time with responces from music companies

  • raj

    hi i’ve provided my vbv password but the payment has been declined.what should i do,pls help me

    • itshacked

      If payment is declined even after providing VBV password some common checks should be.

      1. Check the card type is Visa.
      2. Check if card is International Debit Card / Credit Card.
      3. Check if card works with Indian Merchants.

      Note: Netsafe service is not turned off. however VBV and Mastercard Secure Code is still active.

  • itshacked

    Netsafe service is now turned off permanently..

  • Dipesh Gupta

    hello all i am geting problem in irctc where i have cr card of standercharderd bank nepal and before i use to book tkt but now i cant book i am geting problem …

  • Diljeet

    hi i have been trying to make payment on aliexpress with my HDFC VISA Debit(with EVM chip as per RBI rules) but only message i get is ‘transaction declined’, i have created a VBV pass as well but the transaction doesn’t even reach that step and it’s declined just after putting the card details. Is aliexpress banned or what that i can’t make any transaction?

    • itshacked

      Diljeet Thanks for comment. It clearly states that the merchant do not accept VBV or thier services do not support VBV payments. Try enabling international payments on your card. This may fix the issue.

  • terry

    for websites that need a US visa card, try which has customers in India